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Hello there blog readers!

First of all I would like to apologise for the delay in this blog coming out. I’ve read all your emails enquiring as to when you’ll finally be able to hear about what wonderful things we’ve been up to and what we will be up to, I know you’ve had a hard time being without fresh words from us, and I’m sorry. (Number of emails received regarding this blog in any form = 0)

So, we had a pretty busy and exciting October. Thanks to everyone who was involved in making our EU tour so wonderful, especially our rugged football thug of a tour manager Jack Day for making sure we didn’t ruin everything, and of course Ryan West, AKA Rival Consoles, for playing an amazing set every night.

We enjoyed the tour a lot, one of the main highlights being in Poznan. It was our first time in Poland and we were playing in a very tiny club but the audience were wonderful and it was one of our most enjoyable shows ever. As with every Codes In The Clouds tour, we come away with secrets we’ll all have to take to the grave with us, so for humorous blog purposes I’m going to begin a sentence, then write the words missing content in parentheses to give the illusion that I had actually attempted to reveal one of our big secrets, when in fact I haven’t done anything at all. No one can censor us! Not even Slipknot! On that note, I would like to inform any blog readers that we have still not had any word from Slipknot regarding beef with us. Current Slipknot status: Beef-free.

So here’s one of the secrets we should take to the grave: It was fun returning to Hamburg this time round, especially for Steve who… [content removed] …and we all laughed about it in the morning.
(Great comic trick right? Perhaps marred by be explaining exactly what I would be doing, comic suicide.)

Twitterers, we currently have 719 followers on Twitter. This is pitiful. Within a week of him joining, actor Dominic Power (PC Leon Taylor in ITV’s The Bill and Cameron in ITV’s Emmerdale…I should’ve just written “ITV’s Dominic Power”) had over 1000 followers. Yeah, he has millions of people watching him on TV each week, but this is no excuse. He currently has 4832 followers. If we reach over 1000 followers by 2012 we’ll do a special downloadable give away. If by the time of the London 2012 olympics we have more followers than Dominic Power (@dommydrama) then Jack, our bearded but beautiful drummer, will play a show naked.

To know what this may look like, check out our EU tour video posted here and just imagine him doing what he’s doing but without clothes.
We’re playing one last show this year in the O2 arena complex as part of the O2 December sessions. We were very kindly asked by someone at, who are curating the night, if we would play and of course we were delighted to accept. We shall be playing on December 14th at 5pm, more details via Q magazine here:

Thanks for reading guys, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on the Slipknot situation!