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Morning campers!

How are we all? Good? Good.

Now we’ve got the pleasantries out the way we can get down to business. We’ve been hard at work on our new album and we finally have an end in sight. We’ve been working with the genius that is Ryan West (AKA Rival Consoles, check his newest track here – it’s amazing) and everything is now falling into place. Finding the right producer for any given project is always difficult so having our Erased Tapes BFF on board is a real honour for us given that we’ve always loved his music and he, more than anyone, knows what our ideal end result is and knows how we work musically given the amount of shows/tours we’ve been on together over the years. So for those of you that are looking forward to finally getting a new record from us, it’s all coming up Milhouse!

We’ve also got a couple of shows coming up! Along with playing at ArcTanGent festival at the end of August, which we’re obviously stupid excited about(have you SEEN this lineup?!?) we’ll also be playing an ATG warm up show with Ef at The Good Ship in Islington. A nice little venue run by nice people with nice beer – eat that up! Speaking of eating, I’m really hungry. If you think I’m not going to stroll down to Sylvio’s to pick up a bacon sandwich after writing this blog then you, sir/ma’am, are very much mistaken.

Ticket links:

The Good Ship, Islington w/ Ef. Tickets here.

ArcTanGent, Bristol. Tickets here. (not many left – hurry!)

Well, that was a hyperlink-heavy blog for us! I hope you enjoy words being underlined in your blogs! If not, I’m sorry.

With love, hugs and Seinfeld box sets,

CiTC xxxxxxxxxxxxx