Codes In The Clouds

Official mini-site for Kent Quintet Post-Rock band Codes In The Clouds.

Don’t be fooled by the rocks that we got, we’re still Codes from the Blog.

Hello all!

We’re very excited to announce that we’ll be playing the ArcTanGent Festival in August! More live shows will be announced for the end of the year in the future.

We’re playing in Leeds in April at the Strangeforms Festival, we’re currently in the pre-production phase for our third album and are slowly figuring out how we’re going to translate these songs from the record to the stage, We’re working very hard in the studio and we can’t wait to show you all a record that we’re proud of.

I know this record has taken a long time to even get to this stage, but to prove to you that we aren’t just sitting indoors playing x-box, here’s 15 seconds of footage of us rehearsing one of our new songs in our studio space, filmed two weeks ago:

You can get tickets for both of our upcoming shows here by clicking on them:



I hope you enjoy the snippet of new music, we can’t wait to announce more shows for this year!

With love, hugs and some inappropriate wandering hands,